ABODE is Conteu Magazine’s heartfelt search for the things and routines that make us feel at home. A house, in whatever form it may take, is not simply where we rest our head, it’s a personal reflection of who we are. So whether you’re welcoming people into your home, taking your room into the great outdoors or learning the art of curating a space that encourages a sense of peace and calm, we hope this issue cultivates that warm and comforting feeling of home. After all, it’s where the heart is.

Maker | The Essential Home Items

Maker | How to Make a Bird House

Maker | Welcoming Weary Travellers

Thinker | Homebodies

Thinker | Where the Heart Is

Adventurer | Outdoor Living

Adventurer | Travelling Routines

Thinker | Nina James and the Giant Flat

Adventurer | A Trip to the Burbs

Maker | The Hobbyist